Techno Tyranny

The unfortunate truth is that we have allowed corporate greed and an abandonment of our god-given rights of liberty and independence to pathologize our society through the same mechanism the constitution warned us of in Article 1 Section 8, unchecked government power. Even worse is the fact that they seek even more control in a similar fashion to China following The World Economic Forum agenda entertaining various surveillance initiatives such as:

  1. Central Bank Digital Currency (Mexico 2024 and China)
  2. Social Credit System (ESG Scores For Businesses)
  3. Vaccine Mandates/Passports
  4. AI Surveillance

 While simultaneously destroying many of our current culture through:

  1. Hyper Inflationary Money Printing (Dollar Debasement)
  2. Cultural Revolutionary Tactics (IntersectionalityCultural Marxism Branded as Critical Race Pedagogy/Critical Race Theory in schools)
  3. The largest transfer of wealth in human history from the lower and middle class to the top 1% facilitated by the pandemic.