I’ve grown up all over the great state of Michigan in Big Rapids, Traverse City, and Romeo. Michigan to me will always be home and the people that live here from all walks of life will always feel like family. No matter what part you’re from or what party you claim we all know life in the mitten means enrollment into the school of hard knocks. Some are enrolled in the master class, some are in the woods preparing for the worst, others are the teacher’s pet, and the rest of us are taking our lumps to get through the day.
One thing is certain, there are no easy rides and there are no smooth roads but the hardship has given us grit and in a world where perseverance in the face of adversity is no longer the norm Detroit stands out amongst the crowd. These traits when misguided lead to great problems as we’ve seen for years but when empowered and harnessed by the people can lead to great strength and industriousness. That’s why I’m here, I see the potential that lies in this place and in our people. We all have something to contribute and only when we realize that will we have the ability to make Michigan the opportunity magnet of the Midwest.