Government Official Integrity Act


The dark money deals and backroom fundraising done on both sides of the political aisle has created a destructive system for the American public and it needs to be stopped. As we have found out time and time again the only way to kill a hydra is by starving it rather than fighting it. From Big Pharma, Big Tech, Main Stream Media, to Big Finance all of them are feeding the beast and we need to put a stop to it. The only way to ensure our politicians are serving us is to ensure they aren't serving special interests and the weapon of choice for special interests are campaign contributions, private industry positions, insider information, and unionized voting pools.


  1. Prohibit any elected official or their affiliates (Household, Traceable Associates) from buying, trading, or receiving any form of financial assets, real estate, or cryptographic assets while they reside in office. (insider information)

Possible Addendums:

  1. Any official elected to the United States House Of Representatives may only serve a maximum of 3 years.
  2. Any person running for Congress will be limited in fundraising to $100,000. (campaign contributions)
  3. After their term(s) is/are done they must serve for 1 year in a public service position to be determined based on their skills. Those terms are to be served immediately after leaving office. (private industry positions)

Bill Proposal

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