Revelations Act


(1) Companies seek to/have implemented a microchip policy in which employees are biologically bound to an RFID, NFC, or similar chip used to access different privileged areas and used as identification inside the company. (Three Square Market and Epicenter) This is not a dystopian nightmare this is real life and this capacity should not be required by private companies nor any sort of government institution. This form of identification and requirement for societal participation should not be and is not allowed in 11 states in America and should be absolutely outlawed/made illegal. The 4th Amendment affirms the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures” of which a digital chip/cybernetic implant presents an attack vector to violate those rights without the person’s knowledge especially in the event a government/employer has the ability to gain unprecedented access to a person’s biological, psychological, and private information.

(2) There have been many periods throughout history where the government has confiscated the monetary means of the people in order to fix economic problems whose origins lie within the Federal Reserve and we must also protect people’s assets (particularly outside of the monetary system) from forfeiture by the federal government without due process.

(3) Our technology has become extremely powerful but also dangerous and upon examining some of the dystopian ways other nations use surveillance (CHN) and facial recognition we must guard people from being targeted using almost omnipresent technocratic tools.

Solution: Preemptively protect people’s privacy and bodily autonomy from: encroaching technological inventions, overreaching government medical mandates, passive biometric recognition surveillance, and economic monetary exchange.

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