To The MI-10 Primary

Decommission Federal Powers
The CDC, FBI, CIA, and now DHS has exercised extreme repressive power on the public since 2001 and this will continue far past the overreach of the past 2 years if we do not rollback their resources.
Publicly Televised Lockdown Accountability
If there is no accountability now the state will use these powers against us again!

Beginning with Dr. Fauci, Peter Daszak, and Dr. Colins we must hold nationally televised hearings before Congress for these people to defend their destructive/unconstitutional lockdown positions against Peter McCoullough, Robert Malone, and any of the doctors who signed onto the Great Barrington Declaration.
Grass Roots Economics
No more banker bailouts and destructive welfare apparatus

Put the power back in the people's hands not the bureaucracy's. We have already tried draining the swamp and we couldn't. Now it's time to starve the swamp.
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The Right To Life
Infanticide is criminal no matter which way you spin it.

The state should not allow the murder of innocent lives in any capacity.
Prohibition of Medical Discrimination
Individuals should be left to make health decisions for themselves and those decisions are protected under your 4th amendment rights

The state nor private business has a right to invade your medical privacy and should be barred from discrimination on it's basis.
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Repeal The NFA (Constitutional 2A Rights)
Energy Independence
Widely available cheap energy is the driving force behind upward mobility.

This is the land of opportunity. Production of goods/services is what creates national wealth and energy is what enables that production to bolster a standard of living where $30,000/yr here puts you in the top 1% of the world in terms of wealth.
Securing Our Southern Border
You do not have a country if you do not have a border

The situation on our southern border is both a national security and humanitarian crisis the likes of which this country has never seen. China has taken many of our opportunities and given us fentanyl in exchange. We must act to secure the border and bring about stop gap policies while the wall is built.
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Incentivizing American Industrial Production
Deregulate, simplify the tax code, and exclusive patent protection to companies with domestic production

We must bring industry home as a matter of national security, supply of opportunity, and consistency of goods/service supply.
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I’ve grown up all over the great state of Michigan in Big Rapids, Traverse City, and Romeo. Michigan to me will always be home and the people that live here from all walks of life will always feel like family. No matter what part you’re from or what party you claim we all know life in the mitten means enrollment into the school of hard knocks. Some are enrolled in the master class, some are in the woods preparing for the worst, others are the teacher’s pet, and the rest of us are taking our lumps to get through the day. One thing is certain, there are no easy rides and there are no smooth roads but the hardship has given us grit and in a world where perseverance in the face of adversity is no longer the norm Detroit stands out amongst the crowd. These traits when misguided lead to great problems as we’ve seen for years but when empowered and harnessed by the people can lead to great strength and industriousness. That’s why I’m here, I see the potential that lies in this place and in our people. We all have something to contribute and only when we realize that will we have the ability to make Michigan the opportunity magnet of the Midwest.

What’s Happening To The Family?

My family and I moved to the Metro Detroit Area after our house had caught fire in Traverse City taking refuge with my grandparents as my mother navigated our situation. In 12 years we had relocated 3 times forcing me to adjust and make new friends each step along the way as the perpetual “new kid”. After this final move we planted our roots in Romeo and took it one day at a time slowly overcoming one challenge after another. Growing up with a single mother and little brother was difficult but a blessing in disguise as the need to grow up fast lead me to develop work ethic and independence at a young age. Though it worked for me I am the minority in these cases as statistics show outcomes for children with single parents are not only unfavorable but devastating for my generation. The dissolution of the family and the incentivization/subsidizing of single parenting is possibly the most important issue of our times and one in which has only been exacerbated by government interventionism.

Blue Collar Backbone

While living in the suburbs of Romeo my family made the daily commute to Chesterfield to build our business started by my grandfather. When we were kids we would do odd jobs around the factory cleaning/organizing things for some allowance while growing up around many gritty hard working people. Until I turned 14 and wanted to be able to buy my first car and had to become a gritty hard working person myself every weekend. Finally after getting the car I was able to get co-op hours out of high school to work in the factory and continued to do so for about 5 years all the way through community college until I went away to Central Michigan University. Those 2.5 years gave me the opportunity to make some of my dearest friends and learn what life away from home was like amongst my peers. Though I’m grateful for my experience I’ll never forget what it was like working blue collar jobs and I have great respect for those who continue to work them as they are the real backbone of America. Small business owners, farmers, contractors, plumbers, carpenters, construction workers, manufacturers and tradesmen/women are who built this country from sea to shining sea. Independence and ingenuity are the soul of our nation and it’s time that we reclaim that soul from the politicians and corporatists who sold it out from under us.

Universal Truth

For the last 5 years I have been leisurely studying philosophical and psychological stories from old European authors such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Gulag Archipelago), Fyodor Dostoyevski (Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov), and Friedrich Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil) as I was interested in their time period and style in Europe. The first wrote about the atrocities occurring in the Soviet Union and the latter 2 informed us as to how and why it would happen. Simultaneously I read the Bible more thoroughly than I have before with a new understanding of some of the worst atrocities man can commit. Imprisonment, Starvation, Brutalization, Enslavement, and Cultural Enforced Hysteria/Spying. The stories within the Bible made much more sense now revealing a value structure that was in stark contrast to those embodied in the tragic stories above. I had come to a realization that this book was more than stories for entertainment but a cultural artifact documenting human psychology and the fallen nature of man through narrative over thousands of years by those who came before us.

The Fallen Nature Of Man

The fallability of the individual is exactly why centralized/federal power is so deadly, the few cannot have the circumstantial information nor computational power of the many acting freely in their own self interest to make as many decisions as possible. The government is simply a framework in which individuals work within and is meant to protect the rights of those individuals anything else is what Fredrick Bastiat calls “Legal Plunder” which is undertaken by the State under the protection of the legal system that exempted sovereigns and government officials from the usual prohibition against taking other people’s property by force. Only those in power domestically and globally wish to expand that power in ways I didn’t think possible. And I’m going to DC to stop them as just one voice to block their overreach of privacy, deprecate their legislative stranglehold legally, and defend the god given rights of Americans from tyrants foreign and domestic.

Techno Tyranny

The unfortunate truth is that we have allowed corporate greed and an abandonment of our god-given rights of liberty and independence to pathologize our society through the same mechanism the constitution warned us of in Article 1 Section 8, unchecked government power. Even worse is the fact that they seek even more control in a similar fashion to China following The World Economic Forum agenda entertaining various surveillance initiatives such as:
  1. Central Bank Digital Currency (Mexico 2024 and China)
  2. Social Credit System (ESG Scores For Businesses)
  3. Vaccine Mandates/Passports
  4. AI Surveillance

While simultaneously destroying many of our current culture through:
  1. Hyper Inflationary Money Printing (Dollar Debasement)
  2. Cultural Revolutionary Tactics (IntersectionalityCultural Marxism Branded as Critical Race Pedagogy/Critical Race Theory in schools)
  3. The largest transfer of wealth in human history from the lower and middle class to the top 1% facilitated by the pandemic.